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Test Article #1

Test Article #1

Description: Sample article description

Categories: Example Pages

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[url=https://www.pcsos-national.co.uk/pcso/app.php/kb/viewarticle?a=1&sid=a34dc8d012011767245d27d0c5622470]Knowledge Base - Test Article #1[/url]

Test article for the site's Knowledge Base.

this is a very basic example of getting your page onto the KB click here to add a Tech Query if you are having problems

we need our members to Create Pages in this new Knowledge Base. there is even a specific Category : "Example Pages" where you can just add a Sample Page knowing that you are just having fun doing an Example Sheet, nothing to worry about, no need to fret! It's an example page only :slcool:

You cannot include attachments in this version of the KB, but you can include images as seen to the left.

If you do, you MUST use https in your image source e.g. https:// photobucket

If you find this too difficult, PM me - telling me that you are Emailing me images, then email me several images, I will assist you :slby:
  • ** TIPS for new KB editors **
  • Please do NOT use the color BB code! Please leave the ink colours as they are, because each Style will automatically assign a color ink that suits that
  • style, WE HAVE MORE THAN 1 STYLE!!
  • As stated above, when deploying images, ALWAYS use https NOT http
  • If in doubt, stick on a Tech Query (link above)